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Jim Childers (left) and Jimmy Robbins

Our History

Humble Origins

FishSticks was founded in 1997 by avid angler and tournament fisherman, Jimmy Robbins. One evening while driving home from a tournament, he had the idea to create an all natural scent that would stay on any type of artificial bait for an extended length of time without the need to constantly reapply. After weeks of working with a chemical engineer and several key people including close friend, Charles Worthington, FishSticks Lure Enhancer was born!

From the very beginning FishSticks was embraced by anglers across the country. Product reserves sold out at every trade show and tournament.

Sadly, Jimmy passed away suddenly in 2013, however his legacy and commitment to a quality product lives on. With the help of 7-time Angler of the Year, Kevin VanDam, FishSticks Lure Enhancer has become the go-to scent for anglers both in the U.S. and around the world. FishSticks Lure Enhancer now boasts seven different scents including several saltwater attractants.

Our labs continue to work on new and innovative products to give anglers an edge whether they are in fishing tournaments or just out for some weekend angling. We appreciate hearing from FishSticks fans from all over. Please send us photos of your catch with your story. You might just see yourself on our website!

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